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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend stripping an existing roof prior to placing new shingles due to the fact that it gives us a chance to evaluate the structural integrity of your roof. Placing new shingles over the existing can often lead to rot or damage, and other concerns to go undetected causing larger problems and higher costs down the road. By stripping the roof we can get a better picture of what is underneath and the ability to repair any rotten plywood or damage, and better seal around chimneys, pipes, vents, and skylights, etc.

We provide our own dump trailer so there is no extra dumpster rental fees. We also prepare the surrounding area to prevent any damage and clean up any debris.

There are several different materials for building a deck and stair system. The three main materials are wood, PVC (plastic), or composite, which is a combination of wood fibers and plastic.

The majority of decks and stairs today are made up of wood. There is a huge variety of different woods that can be used on decks and stairs. Wood materials and installation compared to composite is significantly less, however, there are some drawbacks to wood. Wood decks and stairs should be treated for the outdoor weather conditions. Even pressure treated wood should be maintained for the life of the deck for longevity. Wood can mold, rot, twist, warp, get insect damage, or get damaged easily no matter which type of wood you choose. All types of wood have there pros and cons. If you are willing to keep up the maintenance of a wood deck then this may be a more cost effective choice. There are different wood types out there like Pressure Treated, Cedar, Redwood, Ipe, Teak, and Mahogany. All which have their benefits and there concerns.

Composite decking and stairs are expensive, however, composite provides customers with a lot less maintenance and worries. The upfront cost of materials for composite can often be double the cost of wood materials. However, once you install composite deck or stairs, you are a lot less likely to repair or worry about rotting, warping, twisting or getting damaged from insects. Once in a while a pressure wash to clean off any build up, which is common on anything that stays outdoors, is about all you will need to maintain the deck. Composite decking comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and options for your ideal deck. You also have the option of getting lighting wired right into your deck.

One concern that you should be aware of while choosing a composite deck is that the darker color you choose for the deck the possibility of it being hot on your feet after the sun has been shining on it. We have a composite deck on our house that is fairly light in color and have not noticed it to be too hot to walk on, though it does get warm. We have not had to worry about the deck as far as maintenance only a wash once in a great while. It was a big upfront cost, but we could not be happier with the enjoyment we get out of it.

What size deck are you thinking of having? What you will be using your deck for? How long do you plan on living in this home? Are you willing to do the maintenance on a wood deck or would you need to hire this out? Is this deck going to be in the sun or in the shade? We would be happy to talk more about deck and stair options that would be right for you and your home.